Zoom Mila the Mollusk (Pre-order)

Mila the Mollusk (Pre-order)


This Summer embark on an journey beneath the waves with Mila, a spirited mollusk swept away by the currents of fate. Amidst the vast expanse of the ocean, she encounters trials and challenges, but also discovers the enduring power of friendship. 'Mila the Mollusk' is a heartwarming tale of courage, compassion, and the beauty of finding kinship in unexpected places. Join Mila and her newfound friend Stella as they navigate the depths of the ocean, weaving a story of resilience, acceptance, and the transformative magic of the sea.

*This is the first book of the Auntie Angeline's Children's book collection. This is also the official first edition print and will be signed by Author and artist Angeline Myers.

*Photo of book is a mockup 


Angeline's Art

With a deep passion for nurturing creativity, Angeline's children's books are more than just stories—they're uplifting journeys that inspire readers to embrace their uniqueness. Through her vibrant artwork, Angeline transports you to enchanting worlds filled with vivid landscapes and charming characters that come to life before your eyes.